Long Range Planning Survey
Exit Survey
Thank you for filling out this survey. As we contemplate the Long Range (next 5+ years) plans for Arisia, we want to be sure these plans include all of YOU. This is why we need your responses to these questions, and any other comments you may want to share with us. We would like this to continue to be our community’s convention and have the input from as many attendees as possible. So again, thank you very much for taking the time to fill this out. If you have any questions, please email us at lrpsurvey@arisia.org
Attendee Survey
How large do you think Arisia can comfortably be and still feel like Arisia to you? (the goal here is to figure out what sort of Arisia YOU are willing and/or happy to have happen)
Infinite growth sounds pretty good to me
Philosophy: Which of these statements appeals most to you? (Is most important to you?) Please order these in order of preference
Drag your choices here to rank them
    What other things would you like to see Arisia do? (check all that apply)
    Would definitely attend Would maybe attend Would not attend
    Regular community gatherings (movie nights, picnics, etc)
    A second annual con, somewhere else in the calendar or somewhere else geographically
    More student-oriented activities (similar to our student art and student writing contests)
    More workshops or other educational activities for all ages
    What do you consider the “region” in Arisia’s “we are a regional con” to be?
    Greater Boston Area
    Massachusetts and maybe some bordering stuff
    New England
    Northeast US
    Eastern Seaboard (US East Coast and Eastern Canada)
    United States
    North America
    Sci-fi fans anywhere in the universe
    What would you like to see Arisia spend more money on?
    Should Arisia have:
    More guests of Honor
    Fewer Guests of Honor
    Similar to current number of Guests of Honor
    Should Arisia have “premium” events that cost extra to attend? Examples include concerts, ice cream socials, or other events that are unusually expensive to put on.
    What are the things, without which, Arisia would no longer be/feel like Arisia for you?
    What is your favorite thing about Arisia?
    What do you think could be improved about Arisia?
    What do you think Arisia could do to be more welcoming to a diverse community?
    Demographic Data
    We are asking you these questions so we have a better understanding of the demographics of Arisia. This information will help us be more inclusive of actual Arisians, rather than the assumptions we could make. You do not have to answer but it is very helpful for us to know this sort of data. Please answer as many of these questions as you feel comfortable with.
    Under 10
    80 and over
    Sexual Orientation:
    Because we do not want to ask how much money you make, we are instead asking: Do the financial costs of Arisia significantly affect your personal yearly budget? (if you are staff or have previously filled out this survey please skip this question)
    No, because I take advantage of Arisia's support for its staff (space pilot, staff den, etc)
    Email - if we want to follow up on any of your answers